The FEED Collaborative offers a number of integrated, project-based courses that allow students to work collaboratively with industry thought leaders on important problems in the food system.  Students who take our courses meet and work closely with innovators and entrepreneurs, gain meaningful experience in the field, and develop connections with faculty, students and others working to create impact in the food system. 


Will Work For Food (to be offered by independent study)

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EARTHSYS 289: FEED LAB - Food System Design & Innovation


FEED Lab is a 3-4 unit introductory course in design thinking and food system innovation offered through the FEED Collaborative at Stanford. Targeted at graduate students interested in sustainability, and/or food and the food system, this course provides an opportunity for students to meet and work with thought-leading innovators, to work on projects of real consequence, and to develop connections with faculty, students, and others working to create impact in the world. Students in this course will develop a deeper understanding of important issues facing sustainability in the food system, and they will develop critical skills for being effective innovators and leaders. This course is mandatory for any student wishing to qualify for the FEED Collaborative’s summer Leadership and Innovation Program, in which select students participate in full-time, paid, externship roles with collaborating thought-leaders in the industry. 

This class meets on Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30 to 4:20 (though class will officially end at 3:20), and is 4 units.

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